Home Fun Have Annoying Husband? Adopt Prancer

Have Annoying Husband? Adopt Prancer

Have Annoying Husband? Adopt Prancer

Prancer is a cute Chihuahua which at first sight doesn’t seem like a dog that would be hard to adopt. However, the family did everything – literally everything to find him a new owner. Nobody wants the demon dog they say. So, how can a Chihuahua be so scary?

The Dog from Hell

The family tried to present this dog as somewhat nice and cute. It didn’t work. They tried every trick in the book but this neurotic animal just doesn’t like anyone or anything. So, instead of covering it up, they decided to just be honest in the end, as nothing else was left to do.

At first, they say, Prancer was a calm animal and he was very quiet. He was quiet, always lying down on the couch. For a while, he didn’t bother anyone. Now, he is 50% hate and 50% tremble. Prancer was adopted by this family from an older lady who never socialized him and treated him like a human.

He was obese and wore a cashmere sweater when he arrived. Prancer only likes women and he will be overprotective over them. He hates men, other animals and everything around him. This dog would be a perfect way for revenge on your husband.

Being around children is a huge no, as there is no way to tell how this dog will react. He is determined to be an only child. So, no men, no children and no other animals. Also, no neighbours or anyone who will walk around in the same apartment. Preferably, nobody underneath as well as he tends to be noisy.

Meet Prancer

The problem with this dog is that he’s probably traumatized and it takes time for a dog to recover. Luckily, the family has drawn a lot of attention with their post about the demon dog. Suddenly, everyone wanted to adopt him.


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