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Hilarious Cooking Fails – Check Gallery

Hilarious Cooking Fails – Check Gallery

If you think your cooking isn’t so great, check these Hilarious Cooking Fails! These will definitely make you feel better. However, imagine someone made something like that for you… Let’s just hope that the taste was good. Much better than looks.

1. The Beauty and The Beast

Both in one image, even though that wasn’t the intention. Imagine you paid for this cake and this comes in the box. What would you do?

Hilarious Cooking Fails

2. Patrick needs help

Patrick looks like he got in serious trouble. He did lose some weight but it seems that he also came back from the depths of hell. Whoever made this, needs a lot of practice.

Hilarious Cooking Fails

3. Elmo

Elmo is here to eat your soul. Just wondering from what are those eyes made because they are really freaky. Is it a fabric? Is it a fondant? And why is he falling apart so much?

4. Christmas disaster

If the goal was to make something like this on the left…then it’s a complete fail. However, if this person wanted to make hill with flowers, then it’s a win!

5. Is it a Deer? Is it a Ghost?

Nobody can tell but you can just make up a great story and sell it as something else. The most important thing is the taste.

Hilarious Cooking Fails

6. Chistmas seems to be a perfect time for fails

Christmas tree or a giant pile of sludge? Thinking how good would a chocolate covered pile of cookies look… Well, not if that chocolate is green!

7. The muffins

Not even getting the muffins right. Good try though.

8. This cake looks good

I mean, it’s not a completely different cake. It’s pretty close so, this one might even be the winner – if it was the contest.

9. Chicks or not?

Definitely not. Wonder what went wrong in here, it seems like it fell on the floor. It might be better next time? We definitely hope to see more!


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