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Is Doja Cat Racist? What’s Dindu Nuffin About

Is Doja Cat Racist? What’s Dindu Nuffin About

Doja Cat raised the dust, especially because of her song ‘Dindu Nuffin’. There was a lot of misunderstanding about this song and it seems that every person interpreted it differently. It turns out that people interpreted it as racism.

The word ‘Dindu Nuffin’ is a phrase that is used to mock the black police brutality victims. It is a fusion of ‘didn’t do nothing’ phrase put together and it all started with the white supremacy comic, back in 2015.

How the rumours started

While nobody can get a grasp on what’s really going on, there is a lot of things that just don’t go in Doja’s favour. Her presence on social media has a large stain of racist slurs. It won’t just go away so easily, especially her Tweet about how she hates ‘those arab people who work at the gas station’. Check the video below.

Doja Cat is actually biracial and her father is South African. Despite this, she was caught on the Tinychat platform, chatting with all-white incels. Incel (short for involuntary celibates) is an online subculture that defines themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite their efforts.

With that, the popular topics on this forum are usually misogyny, misanthropy, self-pity, racism, self-loathing and violence against sexually active people. Now, Doja might have just been in the chat to provoke them. However, some are claiming that on these chats, she admitted that she hates her black heritage. She was also attacked that she hates her black hair because she said that it’s hard to take care of it.

Doja Cat Explaining Herself

Doja Cat explained that her song has nothing to do with racism or death of a woman. She explained the statements about her hair and other things. Doja also spoke about her link with white supremacy and racist people.


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