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Problems that Women With Large Breasts Have!

Problems that Women With Large Breasts Have!

Many women are dreaming about big breasts. But those who had them, dream about the smaller ones. Life would be easier for them, the choice of bras would be bigger, and they could sleep as they want…

Women with small breasts want to have bigger ones and the opposite. And men like that they are such the size to fill their palms well. Compared to women with small breasts, who can walk without a bra if they want, those with large ones can never afford that luxury. Except in the intimacy of their home.

Here are other problems with large breasts:

1. They can’t go anywhere without a bra. And they feel relief when they take off their bra at the end of the day.

2. The buttons on the shirt always look like they will explode from the pressure. If they buy a bigger shirt, this will not happen, but then it will be too big in all other places.

3. Not to mention that they have a lot of problems finding a fine, light, airy, lacy bra in which their breasts will fit and look good.

4. In general, for women with large breasts, the number of models of bras is limited, in the same way as the colors and patterns which they can find on the market.

5. They want to sleep on their stomachs, but they can’t do it because they would crush their breasts. And that isn’t pleasant at all. For them would be ideal to have a bed with a hole provided for large breasts.

6. A strapless bra can be forgotten and with that the bra and dresses of that type. But some women can’t resist such clothing models because they are very sexy so they wear them even though their bra straps are visible.

7. Pieces of food don’t fall normally on them as in other people, but right in the décolleté. Later, they have a lot of problems finding them in a bra without anyone seeing it.

8. Running with big breasts is nice only for men who stand aside and watch, but for women it is terrible. On the other hand, if they put on a sports bra, many say it squeezes them hard and they can’t breathe normally.

9. If they go to sleep in pajamas or in a nightgown that has thin straps or it’s quite open. They will many times wake up and their breasts will be outside, or at least one of them.

10. Fastening a seat belt in a car is not the most comfortable thing for women with large breasts. They will feel very uncomfortable by the end of the ride.

11. For them it’s hard to find tailor-made clothes, and many times they will need to wear the pieces they just bought to the tailor for repairs.

12. Women with large breasts can’t casually put a long necklace around their necks like those with small breasts. The main reason is that they disappear.


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