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Largest recorded earthquakes – Can we predict disaster

Largest recorded earthquakes – Can we predict disaster

Largest recorded earthquakes are indication we must not underestimate nature power. Unfortunately, casualties are the most common consequence of earthquakes. Furthermore, densely populated areas have a higher chance of disaster. However, some of the earthquakes like the Japanese in 2011 can cause a tsunami.

Largest recorded earthquakes – Sichuan province

A magnitude 7.9 earthquake in 2008 destroyed homes for more than 5 million people. The earthquake caused great devastation in southwest China. The epicenter was in Wenchuan City. Unfortunately, the consequence was the destruction of towns and villages.

Indian Ocean Earthquake

In December 2004, many could not imagine the disaster that hit the coast of Sumatra. Seven hours later the quake triggered a tsunami. This naval force set out to destroy coastal areas all the way to East Africa. In the end, the tsunami killed over 225,000. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives… These are just some of the places that will never forget the terrible consequences of the 2004 earthquake.

Largest recorded earthquakes – Western Peru

In 1970 an earthquake and landslides caused destructions. Furthermore, snow and earth swallowed Yungay village. About 70,000 people died. One of the most devastating landslides began to descend from the highest mountain in Peru.

Largest recorded earthquakes – Haiti

It will take a long time for the population of Haiti to forget 2010. That year the area was hit by a devastating earthquake 7.0. A furthermore earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince. More than 1.5 million people became homeless at that point. While this is not the strongest quake for the area, many were in shock. Since the last one was 6.9 from 1984.

Can we predict earthquakes?

Short-term prediction involves monitoring the process near an earthquake. In other words, activities that signify a recent earthquake. The anomalous events that precede an earthquake are precursors. Furthermore, these forerunners could indicate when such an anomaly will recur.

However, the only thing scientists can really do is explore the area as well as the movements in the area. Records from various corals and sediments could provide more information. Who knows maybe in time to help predict where the next big one might hit.


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