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The Lawsuit Against Prince Harry!

The Lawsuit Against Prince Harry!

Lawyer Palwinder Kaur filed a lawsuit against Prince Harry in the Indian High Court in Haryana. The main reason for that is the fact that he promised her on social media that he would marry her. Not to mention that she also demanded his arrest. It’s clear that the biggest number of fake profiles can be created on social media. But it looks like Indian lawyer Palwinder Kaur still doesn’t know that.

Namely, she sued Prince Harry and demanded that the High Court in Haryana arrest him because he promised her via social media that he would marry her. And he didn’t do that. She claims that they send messages to each other for some time. In one moment he said that he wants to get married to her.

The lawyer requested an international arrest for Harry so that never again make such a promise. She also demanded that they write to his father, Prince Charles. In this way, they will tell him that they were engaged and that he hadn’t married her, although he said he would do so.

Of course, the court rejected all that, because she didn’t prove that she was talking to a real prince. Also, they warned Kaur of the dangers of misrepresenting and cheating people on social networks. At the end of all that, the lawyer said that she had never been to the UK and that she never met Harry live.


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