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Surprising Benefits of Green Tea – and Why You Need It

Surprising Benefits of Green Tea – and Why You Need It

The benefits of Green Tea are not a secret. It can help your digestion, make you calmer and even help you lose weight. If you are on a diet, it will boost your digestion and make you less hungry. However, it also has other surprising benefits you didn’t know about!

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Green tea can actually help you to reduce bad cholesterol levels. One study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology has come up with surprising results. There is a 20% less risk of developing heart disease or a stroke in people who regularly drink green tea.

Prevents tumour growth

A recent study published in Nature Communications discovered something incredible. A specific chemical fusion in green tea, called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) can have many benefits for our body.

This compound in the tea can help to deactivate the growth of the tumours. However, they still need more research to be done before they can confirm their discovery. Hopefully, this will be a big step in making products that stop tumours from growing.

Benefits of Green Tea; Prolonging the Lifespan

By research that was taken in 2020. on more than 100 000 test subjects, it was proven that green tea made people live longer. People who drank green tea three times a week have lived about a year and three months longer than others.

However, this research so far only has data they accumulated by watching the test subjects. It’s not clear whether was this impact made by the green tea, or people who drink it have more healthy habits in general.

Coffee isn’t sitting right? Try Green Tea instead

The benefits of Green Tea are not only in potential cure but it’s also a great replacement for coffee. If for some reason, you can’t drink coffee, you can switch it with green tea. If your stomach hurts from coffee, then it’s time to make this change.

You can also add some milk to the tea, which will make the flavour more rich and creamy. However, make your limits and don’t drink it excessively. Too much can cause diarrhoea and iron deficiency.


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