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Not bad for a girl without talent!

Not bad for a girl without talent!

Forbes announced a new list of billionaires, and Kim Kardashian is officially a billionaire. The famous influencer and entrepreneur found herself on the same list as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. However, she is in the lower place, but still, she is on the list. But still, for a person without talent, it’s not bad at all. Many of you will wonder what she is actually doing? But, once again she proved that she is a very cunning business woman.

The first time when this magazine mentioned her was before 10 years. At that time she had 6,6 million followers on Twitter. That was slightly less than President Obama had at that time. Today, she has over 69 million followers on Twitter and over 213 million on Instagram. Thanks to this huge audience on social media she managed to build her empire.

On the cover of Forbes, she appeared in 2016 thanks to a video game that earned her 51$ million in that year. And since that time her fortune continued to grow. A year later, she launched, following the example of her half-sister Kylie, a line of cosmetic products. The first collection was sold out in just 2 hours. She sold 20% of the company’s division for $ 200 million to Coty which also bought a stake in Kylie Cosmetics. Even then she should be on the list of billionaires, but Forbes thinks that this wasn’t a real amount of money.

Kim Kardashian is without talent?

Then came Skims, firstly this should be a line of ‘shapewear’ that the younger generations will want to wear. But thanks to the pandemic it expanded to comfortable clothes, pajamas, and tracksuits. On her social networks, Kim often advertises numerous brands which pay a huge amount of money just because she mentioned them on her Instagram profile. She also has shares of Disney, Amazon, Netflix, and Adidas that Kanye gave her as a gift. Her biggest earnings, however, come from brands she started herself.

Also, her income for years come from filming the show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ which is now shutting down. Many people think that this will be the end of the Kardashian era, but it seems that this is just a beginning. Maybe she is without talent, but she manages to build her little empire.


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