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The End of Justin Bieber and Hailey

The End of Justin Bieber and Hailey

It’s nothing new that Justin Bieber had trouble with fans, media and pretty much everyone around him. He seemed to have changed and he even spoke about how sorry he is about everything he did. However, his apologies don’t seem so sincere since the incidents kept happening.

After he got married to Hailey Rhode Baldwin, a model who he had known since 2011, everything seemed to go uphill. It was like he got more serious, calm and he even took time to address his mental health issues.

However, this wasn’t the end to the problems. Not long into the marriage and the problems started once again. Hailey seems to be going through a lot and she even contacted the divorce lawyer.

The Truth about how Justin Bieber treats Hailey

He being passive-aggressive towards Hailey even in public and mostly covers it by laughing and joking. It seems like it’s impossible for him to control his behaviour.

After Justin lost in an arcade game against Hailey, she joked about it while Justin screamed. It’s not like he was yelling – but he was screaming out loud like a child, saying ‘maybe I wasn’t trying’. Hailey seems to handle everything pretty well and she didn’t seem bothered by it.

On one occasion, he even slammed a car door in her face while she was trying to get out of the car after him. He was seen running away with a skateboard from fans and completely forgot about Hailey, who tripped and fell while trying to catch up with him.

It gets worse as one video shows how he slapped her across the face while walking down the street. She didn’t respond. – And that is only a part of the outrageous things he did to her.

Constant reminders of his ex-love

There was a lot going on for Hailey when she stepped into a relationship with Justin Bieber. His female fans even took raging videos where they trashed Hailey and talked about how Selena was better. Justin stood in her defence. However, the fans don’t stop comparing them and define them based on their relationship with Justin.

Hailey got Divorce Lawyers Ready

After all rumors and the way Bieber treated his wife, she finally got fed up with everything. She admitted in an interview that she contacted and prepared divorce lawyers. Hailey Bieber is ready for the worst.


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