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The Girl Dropped Ben Affleck

The Girl Dropped Ben Affleck

Nivine Jay recently shared her experience with Ben Affleck. And her reaction went public. Nivine says she used a celebrity app to date when she runs into Affleck’s account. But when she won the match with him, she wasn’t sure if it was really him. For that reason, she decided to unmatch him. Accordingly to some information, he wasn’t happy with that situation, so he contacted her on Instagram. Ben Affleck wants to assure her that it was really him. Nivine Jay publishes his video on TikTok, and the video provoked numerous reactions.

Some of the fans think that this was a very cool video, but for others, this was a little creepy. After all that situation, she explained that those bad comments aren’t fair. In the first place, she didn’t have the intention to make fun of him. In fact, she made fun of herself, because she thought that this is a fake profile. And if we ask her, this is a very funny situation.

Namely, Ben Affleck broke up with actress Ana de Armas earlier this year after a year of a relationship. 48-year-old Oscar winner and 32-year-old Cuban star lived together in quarantine before Armas recently visited his family for the holidays. All these things increased rumors that their relationship is not in a good period. Accordingly to some information, a source close to the couple says that they broke up, but still, there is a lot of love between them. Apparently, they stayed in the friendly connections.


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