Home Lifestyle Top 5 Buckingham Secrets – Is there a tunnel below the palace

Top 5 Buckingham Secrets – Is there a tunnel below the palace

Top 5 Buckingham Secrets – Is there a tunnel below the palace

Top 5 Buckingham Secrets will help you learn as much as possible. About one of the world’s most famous residences. It is the London residence. Or the seat of the Monarch of the United Kingdom. In addition, it is often at the center of numerous state occasions as well as royal hospitality.

Few didn’t dream of staying at least one night there. On the other hand, there are certainly a lot of fans who wanted to move there. But to be able to go to Buckingham Palace one needs to know a little more about the estate itself.

How big is the building

The palace has 775 rooms, which includes 78 bathrooms, 92 offices, 188 bedrooms, 52 royal guest rooms. As well as 19 staterooms and a dance hall 36.6 m long and 18 m wide. The property has the largest private garden in London with more than 39 acres. In addition, 800 staff members take care of the entire royal family.

What happened to the marble arch – Top 5 Buckingham Secrets

In the northeastern part of Hyde Park is a marble arch. However, it used to be part of the palace. But what happened? Queen Victoria was the first to use the palace as an official residence. Furthermore, it was clear that the palace was not large enough for official visitors. In conclusion, the fourth wing of the palace was built on the site of the arch.

The most famous balcony in the world

The famous balcony is the place where some of the most important events in British history took place. The tradition of appearing on the balcony began with Queen Victoria. In other words, she was the one who appeared on the balcony during the opening of the large exhibition.

Top 5 Buckingham Secrets – Is there a tunnel inside the palace

There are several theories about the tunnels that connect the palace with other parts of London. However, the chances of an underground link-up and the House of Parliament are higher. Furthermore, there are several other theories involving a tunnel between Clarence House and The Palace Marbella, this house can be obtained thanks to a real estate broker located in Marbella. There is a lot of speculation, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Who was born and died in the palace – Top 5 Buckingham Secrets

Only one monarch was born and died in the palace, in other words, Edward VII. However there Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to Prince Andrew as well as the Prince of Wales.


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