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Versailles secrets – Are you ready to see ghosts

Versailles secrets – Are you ready to see ghosts

Versailles secrets still do not cease to amaze. Also, it took about three thousand candles each night for the castle to shine in full splendor. In this place, nature and art complement each other perfectly. Louis XIV is the creator of this symbol of power.

Furthermore, the palace is far from Paris to protect the monarchy from enemies. Each room, garden has numerous details that give the whole building a magnificent look. In other words, symmetry, balance, order best describe perfection. The King of the Sun or Louis XIV did his best.

In addition to the beautiful interior, the palace has another recognizable detail. In other words, gardens are one of the most spectacular. However, in addition to beauty, there are also a few secrets. Like the secret hideout of Marie Antoinette. The wedding celebration with Louis XIV lasted two weeks. Furthermore, fireworks from the ceremony killed over 32 people. More than 2000 windows, 67 staircases, 1250 chimneys, 700 rooms, and a capacity of 20,000 people. However, such a large building certainly had a few dark secrets.

Versailles secrets – a place of ghosts

As much as the whole property attracts with its beauty, there is something that is not so harmless. Furthermore many often notice Marie Antoinette among the gardens. However, some know-how to see her in front of the bedrooms. But this is nothing compared to the events of the early 20th century.

The two pals as they left the Grand Trianon noticed several scary figures. In other words a larger group of ghosts. As well as Antoinette who allegedly drew on the grass. Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Anne Moberly also wrote a book about the event. The book Adventure is still a reminder of strange events today.

Palace of Versailles

During the Middle Ages, the palace was on the decline. However, due to the plague and the Hundred Years War, Versailles was suddenly surrounded by luxury real estate located in Marbella. Great tragedies isolated the entire area around the palace. One of the especially interesting places is the applause room. King was a big fan of the snooker game. On the other hand how flattering was important to him everyone had to applaud. King played the game in a hall that later became a clapping room.

In the beginning, the castle was nothing but a small building with a church. The Palace of Versailles is not just a symbol of luxury. Also, there is the dark side about strange contracts, and even about time travel. All this is the reason why many still want to discover Versaille’s secrets. Although this place is known for its many parties, the king also held on to science. In addition to the doctors, numerous scientists and researchers came to the estate every day.


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