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The Rock Becomes a President?

The Rock Becomes a President?

The Rock, actor, businessman, and ex-wrestler with the real name Dwayne Johnson talk about a recent result of a recent poll on possible presidential candidates from the acting world. He doesn’t believe that the founders of the United States ever thought that their society will have a man two-foot-tall. Man who is bald, tattooed man with black skin and Samoan descent who drinks tequila, drives a pickup truck and carries a purse around his waist. But if ever happens, he will be honored to serve his people.

However, in one poll the Rock found out that 46 percent of Americans would like to see him as the president. For sure his goal is to unite their country. If people want that he do that, he will do that. The country is strongest when it is united. Dwayne Johnson wants to see the United States in such a condition. About all this, he spoke in one interview in the recent time.

His former colleague and a longtime friend, wrestler The Undertaker, also gave his support to Johnson. It’s well known that the Rock kills himself from work. Every time when he does something he will give a hundred percent of himself. In case that he decided to get into politics he will certainly do it. He is very charming and witty. A lot of people think that he could be the force that will unite the United States. For sure the people are looking for a person like him.


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